Monday, December 24, 2007

The Cure for FPAD

A short while ago, I was stricken with a nasty outbreak of fountain-pen-acquisition disorder (FPAD). During that hazy period of my life, I acquired about a dozen pens in the span of a few weeks. I am pleased to say that the Omas Arco Milord has, I believe, cured me of that horrible affliction.

The Arco is, quite possibly, the most beautiful pen ever created. The celluloid is haunting in its luminescence, and I can look at it, hypnotized, for hours as I rotate it over and over in my hands. The patterns seem to swirl and change kaleidoscopically as the pen turns.

It's gold nib is soft and springy and, thanks to its ebonite feed, the pen never falters when it writes. When loaded with Visconti Sepia, it appears as if the nib leaves a trail of the arco celluloid behind as it glides across the paper. The weight and size are perfect in my hands, regardless of whether the cap is posted.

I never need buy another pen again as I have reached fountain pen nirvana.

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