Thursday, December 20, 2007

The 12 Days of Christmas - Pear Tree Pen Co. Style!

Recently on the Fountain Pen Network, I announced - rather informally - a little lyric-writing contest at the Pear Tree Pen Company. The object? Come up with some lyrics to the tune of "12 Days of Christmas" that incorporated the Pear Tree Pen Company. Below, I've copied the last lines of the 5 finalists. Each will receive something nice in their stocking this year, courtesy of, well, me. The Grand Prize Winner is up to you. I've deliberately left the entrants' names off the list to protect the innocent. So pick your winner with impunty. Submit a vote for your favorite by December 26 and I'll declare the winner shortly afterwards. Ready . . . Set . . Vote!

Entry No. 1:

On the twelfth Sumgai Sunday the Pear Tree sent to me
Twelve Minuskin Nibs
Eleven Ink Converters
Ten "Think" Sahara's
Nine Naginatas
Eight M400's
Seven Parker Duo's
Six Van Gogh Midi's
Five White Lamy's
Four Platinum Koi's
Three Rocker Blotters
Two Monteverde's and
A Submariner by Bexley

So if you're ever in the mood to buy one pen or three
shop at The Pear Tree Pen Company!

Entry No. 2:

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me:
Twelve drums of Noodlers,
Eleven Sailor Sapporos,
Ten leather pen cases,
Nine Visconti Van Goghs,
Eight Monteverdes,
Seven Hints for Sumgai,
Six Clairfontaines,
Five Omas Bolognas,
Four ink samples,
Three Watermans,
Two Lamy Al-Stars,
And an ink cartridge from the Pear Tree!

Just don't add up what it cost her!

Entry No. 3:

On the twelfth day of Christmas here’s what came from Pear Tree…
Twelve Rhodias
Eleven Lamy Logos,
Ten blotter papers,
Nine Bexley beauties,
Eight Clairfontaines,
Seven Conway Stewarts,
Six Pelikans,
Steve Lehto Books!
Four sampler inks,
Three Platinum Pens,
Two Duofolds,
And a lyric writing prize for me.

Entry No. 4:

On the 12th line of my wish-list from Pear Tree Company:
- 12 Parkers Duofold-ing
- 11 Charlestons dancing....
- 10 Gatsbys THINKing....
- 9 Mega Ink Balls rolling....
- 8 Omases bling-ing....
- 7 blotters rocking....
- 6 kits for mixing....
- 5 Sailor Kings!....
- 4 Pelikan birds....
- 3 French-ruled pads.....
- 2 tortoise pens
and a cartridge from James P.!

Entry No. 5

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Pear Tree sent to me…
Twelve Waterman Charlestons,
Eleven Pelican Epochs,
Ten Think Mojitos,
Nine Monteverde,
Eight Conway Stewarts,
Seven Sailor Sapporos,
Six Omas Bolognas,
Four books on murder,
Three Clairefontaines,
Two Moleskine journals
and a J Herbin bottle of Vert Pre

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