Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pelikan M800 Demonstrator Fountain Pens Have Arrived

Apparently I was not quick enough get any of the Pelikan M800 demonstrator fountain pens when they were first released, since they sold out in, like, a millisecond. Luckily, life is about second chances, and I was contacted a couple of months ago to see whether I had any interest in ordering any if Pelikan could be convinced to make another limited production run, I immediately said, "Hell Yeah!" The folks at Chartpak, Pelikan's US distributor must possess extraordinary persuasive abilities because they succeeded and a shipment of the brand-spanking new clear-as-ice Pelikan M800 Demonstrators arrived the other day.

Visit the Pear Tree Pen Company at http://www.peartreepens.com/Pelikan-M800-Fountain-Pen-Clear-Demonstrator-p/964114.htm to order your very own at what I believe to be the lowest price going.

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