Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Pear Tree Pen Company began the transition from our old (slow, inefficient) website to a newer (better) website. This site is hosted on a new server, so as we go through this process, we're sure to experience a few bumps along the road. Visitors may experience a variety of issues with the site over the next couple of days. These may include slight delays, or even the inability to access the site altogether.

Our email system has also been affected by the change, so emails you've sent over the past day or so may not have reached me, or may not get returned as promptly as I'd like until get all the kinks worked out.

As an aside, you may wish to update your bookmarks to The old "" sub-domain is no longer valid.

Everything should be running smoothly by Monday at the latest. In the meanwhile, I appreciate your indulgence over the next few days as we get this all worked out.

Your patience will be rewarded!

James Partridge
The Pear Tree Pen Company

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Independence Day from The Pear Tree Pen Co.

In honor of the original 13 colonies that gained their independence 232 years ago, the Pear Tree Pen Company is proud to offer a coupon valid for 13% off of your entire web order of $25.00 or more. The coupon is valid from now until Monday, July 7, 2008, and can be used for all orders totaling $25.00 or more. To earn your discount, please visit The Pear Tree Pen Company and enter coupon code Indy08 at checkout. Please note that the coupon is case-sensitive.

Also, as the Pear Tree Pen Co. gets closer to launching its new website, I'm proud to offer this "sneak peak" at the beta version. One of this new site's many advantages is its ability to accommodate international orders. So for all you customers in Canada, Australia, the UK and elsewhere, you too can get in on the Independence Day savings!

Please note: although orders may be placed through this new site (and the coupon code will work here, too), we are still in the process of adding and updating our inventory status. Consequently, not all items listed on the site are presently available or may be out of stock. Feel free to look around, shop and by all means, comment on things that can be improved. It's my goal to make this one of the most user-friendly pen stores on the net. Please don't hesitate to let me know where we fall short. Oh, compliments will also be accepted!


James Partridge

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fresh Fruit at the Pear Tree Pen Company

Since the new Raspberry Al-Star and Lime Safari were announced several months ago, a number of you have asked me when the new colors from Lamy will be available. Unfortunately, I was unable to give a definite answer other than "5-6 weeks" because Lamy's US Distributor was kept guessing, too. Then, all of a sudden, while I was away on my bike trip (great time, by the way), The Pear Tree Pen Company received its shipment of the new Lamy Al-Star in Raspberry and the Lamy Safari in Lime.

They are pretty cool looking - the Raspberry is more red than the photos would lead one to believe, almost terracotta in some light, and would pair quite well with a Terre de Feu from J. Herbin.

The Lime, to my eye at least, looks more like a Bartlett pear than a Lime. It would look great filled with one of Noodler's highlighting inks!

Pick yours today!