Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Celebrate InktoberFest at the Pear Tree Pen Co.

The first day of October is here. That, of course, means that the liquid elixir of life will be flowing freely at fine establishments everywhere.

Stop thinking like a college freshman for a minute – I’m not talking about beer – I’m talking ink. the liquid that fuels the pens that fuel our passion for this hobby. Nearly 400 different shades of the stuff are now on sale during the first ever InktoberFest at The Pear Tree Pen Company! Now through October 15th, you will receive 25% off the purchase of 3 or more ink-related items. What's an ink-related item? Any brand of bottled ink, cartridges, ballpoint or rollerball refills, as well as converters and Write-Fill kits. And yes, some may argue that a journal or a pen is, by nature, ink-related, but they're not included in the sale. neither are our trademark ink samples. The sale is limited to in-stock merchandise only, and quantities are limited (i.e, if you want 4 bottles of Noodler's Blue Lightning, you may be out of luck; but if you want 4 Waterman Florida Blue, no problem!). Of course, feel free to select across colors or brands for the same great discount.

Also, I will be offering free domestic ground shipping for all orders over $108.00 (October ’08 - see?).

Thanks for stopping by!