Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are You Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Omas 360 Fountain Pen From the Pear Tree Pen Company

In keeping with the spirit of the season, today's "12 Days of Christmas Sale" item from the Pear Tree Pen Company is an Iceberg White Omas 360 Fountain Pen. We have a few of these beautiful pens in stock, in either a fine or medium nib. The triangular Omas 360 Collection is considered the flagship of Omas' model line and represents one of the most advanced writing instruments of our time. The 360's triangular body is based on ergonomic principles, and combines a perfect grip and nib angle to permit fluid, uniform writing with uninterrupted ink flow. The 360 is streamlined and aerodynamic and equipped with a rhodium-plated 18K gold nib and features Omas' "hi-tech" rhodium-plated trim. The Omas 360 is available with Omas' innovative ACS (Advanced Cartridge System).

The retail price of these pens is $595, but today we're offering them only $299.99.

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