Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Sale - Monday, Dec. 20

Today's "12 Days of Christmas" Sale item, "Mabie in America", should be on the shelf of every fan of vintage fountain pens. Author and fountain pen historian David Moak relates the fascinating story of the Mabie-related pen companies in astonishing detail, from John Mabie's first entry into the work force through the closing of the American company in 1941.

Containing nearly 250 pages and 750 illustrations, this volume represents the most complete history of a single pen company in print. This 3rd and final edition of this important work contains a considerable amount of new information and many new illustrations.

"Meticulously researched . . . lavishly illustrated." - Michael Fultz

"The well-written text is carefully annotated, and profusely illustrated with color pictures of pens and other products of the Mabie companies. While Mabie in America may appeal most of all to pen collectors, it is also an important contribution to New York business history and to the history of the Mabies and allied families." - The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record"

Every page surprises you with the scope of the research and the wealth of information. It makes you wish that every pen maker had a book like this." - Ron Dutcher

Normally $45.00. On sale at the Pear Tree Pen Company for only $26.99.

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Julie (Okami) said...

This is an awesome book, well written and actually very interesting. I have very much enjoyed reading it.