Thursday, July 10, 2008


The Pear Tree Pen Company began the transition from our old (slow, inefficient) website to a newer (better) website. This site is hosted on a new server, so as we go through this process, we're sure to experience a few bumps along the road. Visitors may experience a variety of issues with the site over the next couple of days. These may include slight delays, or even the inability to access the site altogether.

Our email system has also been affected by the change, so emails you've sent over the past day or so may not have reached me, or may not get returned as promptly as I'd like until get all the kinks worked out.

As an aside, you may wish to update your bookmarks to The old "" sub-domain is no longer valid.

Everything should be running smoothly by Monday at the latest. In the meanwhile, I appreciate your indulgence over the next few days as we get this all worked out.

Your patience will be rewarded!

James Partridge
The Pear Tree Pen Company


Anonymous said...

I was searching for Diamine bottled ink, and I could only find the registrars ink. Just thought you should know.

James said...

Thanks for the tip. It's fixed now. If anyone notices any other "bugs" please let me know.

Felicity said...

I don't know if this is a bug or an intentional change, but I miss the sample array or 'swatch card' image for inks. It was very convenient to have a rough idea of what each ink might look like when ordering.

Thank you for all your hard work! Just referred a friend to your site a few weeks ago :)

Felicity said...

(To clarify, I do see that some brands, such as Diamine, have individual swatches, but there is no color chart for Private Reserve or Caran d'Ache anymore.)

James said...

Felicity, thanks for noticing that! It was neither a bug, nor truly intentional - I had to re-locate the original image files to the new server. I completed that this afternoon. If you look now, you s hould find the color chart for Diamine inks, as well as an updated ink color chart for Private Reserve. Finally, I replaced the "color families" chart for Noodler's Inks.

And thanks for referring a friend! A word-of-mouth referral is quite possibly the highest compliment I can receive.