Thursday, May 15, 2008

They're Here: Fieldnotes

My shipment of Fieldnotes arrived yesterday. I quickly ripped open the box to take a look. First impressions? A little smaller than I had anticipated. But upon reflection, the perfect size for their intended purpose.

I've been writing in it for a bit now and have to admit I'm impressed. So far, nothing more than random squiggles and phrases to get a feel for the paper, but the paper is nice and smooth and takes the ink well. More to come.

Fieldnotes. Get 'em. Use 'em. Enjoy 'em.



Anonymous said...

Very glad to see you carrying these James. Excellent product and a great price.


Queen of Sheba said...

Will the Partridges make an appearance at the Raleigh show?

James said...

Unfortunately, the Pear Tree Pen Co. won't be in Raleigh this year. I've got too many commitments this June. Next year, hopefully.

Speedmaster said...

Glad to see it, they're great. I did a review of them a couple months ago.