Friday, January 11, 2008

Hey, Have You Seen Sumgai Around Here?

I have recieved a couple of questions from some astute folks who have noticed there hasn't been a Sumgai Sundai these past few weeks and who wondered whether these popular sales will return. The answer is a most emphatic "Yes!" However, I'm taking a temporary break until I can resolve the website glitches that developed when my web company decided to "improve" the code in its shopping cart software.

I'm now in the process of migrating all of my cart functions to a new host and a new cart platform. Not being a computer techie, and wrestling with the demands of being a full-time attorney and father in addition to running the pen company, the transition is a slow one. With luck, I should be up and runnning again on a new system by the end of the month. The Sumgai Sundais will resume when I get everything worked out then. I'll keep you posted and, to those who wrote, thanks for noticing their absence.


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Dwayne said...

Glad to hear this!!