Monday, July 04, 2011

Introducing Platinum "Mix-Free" Inks

The Pear Tree Pen Company is excited to announce the arrival of a new line of fountain pen inks, "Mix-Free" from Platinum Pens. This product represents a huge step forward in ink customizing and will allow users to explore more color variations than ever imagined.

Platinum Mix-Free Intro

In the past mixing inks was a risky endeavor too often leading to clogged pens or unappealing colors. Even combining colors from the same manufacturer was no guarantee a muddy mess would not result. Platinum Pens has released the perfect solution with inks designed to work together. Using the included color chart for guidance, anyone can create a unique, one-of-a-kind
color or a whole ink collection.

Has your favorite color been discontinued? Now you can replicate that special hue. Want to match a color in nature? This kit will make that possible. Do you fancy a unique signature color? Mix Free will let you combine colors to get that exact shade. This is one time getting carried away is encouraged.

The kit comes with nine colors including Aqua Blue, Aurora Blue, Cyclamen Pink, Earth Brown, Flame Red, Leaf Green, Silky Purple, Smoke Black, and Sunny Yellow. The straight-from-the-bottle colors have a clear and saturated look. By combining equal parts of only two colors, plus the original colors, that's an instant ink collection of over 40 different shades. Simply altering the 1:1 ratio expands the potential combinations into a virtually unlimited number of hues. Each bottle is 60 cc so that is a total of 540 cc or over 18 ounces of ink.

The set also contains a bottle of “reducer” that de-intensifies the color saturation but does not affect the ink's properties. This dilution liquid will step down the color and even make pastel colors an option.

Included are two syringes and a storage bottle along with the color chart that will guide your quest for the perfect shade.

Platinum Mix-Free Ink Color Combination Chart
Mix-Free sets retail for $189 but we are introducing them at only $149.95. Individual bottles will become available soon at $20 each. Purchasing the set is a great deal. Once you have used up favorite colors, they can easily be replaced with individual bottles.

Whether you are an artist with a distinct vision of color, someone who likes to show your unique character, or somewhere in between, this is the most promising line of inks ever.

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