Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introducing the Perdice Bradford Limited Edition, Exclusively at the Pear Tree Pen Company

In my last post, I revealed that the Pear Tree Pen Company was in the midst of designing and producing its very own fountain pen. We encountered a few minor setbacks along the way, but nothing that couldn't be overcome and certainly nothing that would quell our desire to bring what we believe to be a fantastic design to the wonderful community of fountain pen lovers around the world.

Now, it is my privilege to introduce Perdice, The Pear Tree Pen Company's new brand of deluxe writing instruments. Perdice (Italian for "Partridge") combines the essence of classic fountain pen design with modern craftsmanship. The Bradford Limited Edition, the first pen in the lineup, grew from a collaboration between the heads of PearTree pens and the Edison Pen Company.

The Perdice Bradford fountain pen is made from an extraordinarily scarce acrylic made famous by the highly sought-after Sheaffer Balance II. Not much of these intensely colored acrylics is commercially available any longer, and the Pear Tree Pen Company was fortunate to obtain what is believed to be among the very last pieces left in the world. As a result, the production of the Bradford LE will extremely low, with less than 10 serially-numbered pieces available in each of the five (5) patterns: Amber Glow, Cobalt Glow, Crimson Glow, Jade, and Tiger Eye.

Each Perdice Bradford is lovingly hand-crafted by the Edison Pen Company in its U.S. based studio, located in Milan, Ohio. Each Perdice Bradford will feature an 18K gold nib, in your choice of fine, medium or broad tips. Custom-ground extra-fine or italic nibs can be special ordered for a slight upcharge. The pens will accept standard international cartridges, or you can use your favorite bottled ink using the supplied converter.

The Bradford is expected to begin shipping the week of December 13, and will be available in time for the holiday gift-giving season. After its release, the Perdice Bradford will sell for $325.00, but for a limited time, you can pre-order your Bradford LE for a special price of only $299. We expect sales to be brisk, so order soon and get a Perdice from the Pear Tree.

The Perdice Bradford LE will be available in the following varieties:

Amber Glow - with gold-plated trim and matching 18K gold nib
# Cobalt Glow - with rhodium-plated trim and matching 18K gold nib
Crimson Glow - with gold-plated trim and matching 18K gold nib
Jade Green - with rhodium-plated trim and matching 18K gold nib
Tiger Eye - with gold-plated trim and matching 18K gold nib

The Bradford's Dimensions are:

Length capped - 5.5"
Length uncapped - 5"
Length Posted - 6.75"
Cap Diameter - .580"
Barrel Diameter - .515"

Photographs will be available soon!

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