Monday, October 19, 2009

The Pear Tree Pen Company Branches Out

I am proud to announce that the Pear Tree Pen Company has become the newest authorized retailer of Lum-Tec watches.

Why watches and why Lum-Tec? I’ve been a watch enthusiast for a little while now, and I recently discovered the Lum-Tec brand. It’s one of the few watches I own that I think is actually a better value than what I paid for it. In fact, I was so impressed with the quality and the value of my Combat B3, that I called the company to let them know. I was on the phone with Chris Wiegand, Lum-Tec’s president, and we soon realized we had a lot in common. For one, Chris is a fountain pen enthusiast. One thing led to another and – BAM! – I’m in the watch business, too!

Here’s a photo of my very own Lum-Tec Combat B3, on a Di-Modell Jumbo strap.

Lum-Tec is family run, USA-based company devoted to bringing you the best quality watches on the market. Its parent company, Wiegand Custom Watch, LLC. has built watches for thousands of customers around the world.

Lum-Tec makes high-quality quartz, mechanical and automatic watches in a wide-range of sizes and styles. Lum-Tec watches are in high-demand, yet are made in very limited numbers, and typically no more than 150 of each style is produced. Review their current offerings at their web-site: I am sure you’ll be impressed.

Chris Wiegand takes extreme pride in every watch his company produces. Each Lum-Tec watch features:
  • MDV technology® Extreme luminous hands and dials.
  • Cases made from 316L surgical grade Stainless steel or tungsten carbide.
  • Thick top grade Sapphire crystals.
  • Double sided anti-reflective crystal coating.
  • Top grade straps or bracelets.
  • Hard PVD bead blasted coatings on some models.
  • Large case designs. 38mm-50mm sizes.
  • Exclusivity. All watches are numbered limited editions.
  • 100 meters/330 ft. minimum water resistance.
  • Full feature heavy duty movements.
  • Lifetime battery replacement on quartz models.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Highest grade packaging and display box set.
  • Designed and tested in the USA.

Lum-Tec also prides itself on its service. With service points around the globe, you can be assured that any repair you need will have an unheard-of-fast turnaround time, so you can get your watch back on your wrist fast and enjoy it.

LUM-TEC® takes watch manufacturing and design to a personal level. Like the Pear Tree Pen Company, Lum-Tec freely communicate with its customers through email, phone, and on web forums daily.

The offerings from Lum-Tec will be added to the Pear Tree Pen Company website in the coming days and weeks. In the meanwhile, feel free to contact me by email at sales at peartreepens dot com if you’d like to order one or of you have any questions.

Thanks for looking!


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