Friday, February 22, 2008


The Pear Tree Pen Company Logo

I am heading off to warmer climes in a little while and, until March 3, the Pear Tree Pen Company will be left in the capable hands of my assistants Crystle and Mike. So don't be afraid to order anything while I'm gone, and feel free to call the store at 1-888-6789-PEN if you have any questions. The primary number (734-474-7983) will be unattended as I soak up the sun and the surf on some tropical island. I won't have cell phone or email access, so please don't be alarmed if your messages aren't returned right away.

Of course, this is the annual business meeting of the Pear Tree Pen Company, LLC, so it's all tax-deductible. Isn't it? (And if you work for the IRS, I'm only kidding, so please, no audits!)

See you when I get back. Play nice.


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