Thursday, May 03, 2007

Chicago is a No Go!

For personal reasons, I am unable to attend the Chicago Pen Show this weekend as I had originally planned. My feelings about this are mixed. I was really looking forward to the show both to see old friends and, of course, to experience the excitement of the oldest vintage pen show in America. But I admit I am also very eager for a break after the past few weeks - I attended the New England Show a few weeks ago (driving for over 30 hours, much of it in near-blizzard conditions), then worked like a dog to get the Fountain Pen Network Limited Edition pens out this past weekend. All 114 of them!

Undoubtedly, Chicago would have cost me some dough to attend. Since I won't be incurring those expenses, I thought it would be a nice gesture to pass the savings to you, my (hopefully) loyal readers/customers(and those who I hope will become loyal readers/customers).

So I've decided to have a special sale this weekend. For this weekend only, I'm offering a savings of 11.4% off the lowest listed price on my website. A minimum purchase of $20.00 is required to get the discount. Now, 11.4 may seem like an odd amount, but I thought it was fitting given the number of limited edition pens that went out on Monday.

To get yourself this discount, all you have to do is enter NoGo2007 as a coupon code in the appropriate box on my website. Remember, I take PayPal, AmEx, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Although I can't go to Chicago, I'll be there in spirit. Now, go and save yourselves some cash at my web store!

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