Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend In New England

I'm off to the New England Pen Show this week. The Pen Show is being held at the Somerville Holiday Inn (30 Washington Street, Somerville, MA) on Saturday April 14 and Sunday April 15, 2007. I'm looking forward to it now that the stress of finding a place to stay has been lifted. I was surprised to find that the hotel had filled up so early!

I've always been fond of the New England Pen Show, since it was the first pen show I ever attended. It's large enough to have a nice selection and variety, yet small enough that you can really get a chance to talk to the exhibitors and try out the merchandise. It looks like it's going to be yet another great show.

This year, my setup has expanded, and I'll have two tables full of lots of new and exciting stuf. I'm bringing with me a fleet of Sailors, including the new Sailor Sapporos and Sapporo Minis, as well as several Kings of Pen and the discontinued Nagahara Limited Editions with the Nagahara nibs. If my luck holds up, I'll have a few of the new Black Diamond Waterman Edsons to debut as well.

Unlike my trip to Columbus, this time I actually prepared in advance and have a whole gaggle of Pelikanos and Pelikano Juniors for the young and young at heart.

And, for something a little out of the ordinary for me, I just received a shipment of pen holders and crystal inkwells from Jac Zagoory designs. The pen stands are pewter, and are made in the U.S.A. They're a really nice way to keep your favorite pen handy when you're at your desk.

So stop by, bring your kids and bring your Visa card, because I won't take no for an answer (but I will take American Express!)

James P.

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craigsend said...

Wow James, thses shows must be a TON of work - how do you possible manage to do it - Family - Full time Job- The Pear Tree Pen Company....