Friday, June 30, 2006

Le Stylo Jaune Sale - Just in Time for the Tour de France!

The Pear Tree Pen Company, in keeping with the time honored tradition of awarding a yellow jersey to the leader of the Tour de France, is proud to announce its first ever “Stylo Jaune,” or yellow pen sale. During the Tour’s three week run from July 1 – July 23, every yellow item sold at the Pear Tree Pen Company will be sold at 10 percent off the already low prices. This sale includes all yellow pens from Sailor, Bexley and Waterman, as well as inks in shades of yellow from Noodler’s and Private Reserve.

The inspiration behind this event comes from CEO and founder of the Pear Tree Pen Company, James Partridge. An active cyclist and bicycle advocate, Partridge has turned what was once a means to get in shape into a passion he has incorporated into his daily life. His enthusiasm for cycling has come a long way from its humble beginnings when he didn’t know the difference between a departments store’s “clunker” bike and the high-end carbon-fiber road bike at his local bike shop.

Partridge has now developed a keen eye, not only capable of procuring fine writing instruments for his thriving online business, but also bicycles to suit his every need. At present Partridge is the proud owner of seven bicycles.

“Each bike I own is designed for a specific purpose, like cyclocross, road racing, or mountain biking,” said Partridge, “you need to have the right tool to do the job.”

Partridge goes on to explain that like bikes, not all pens are created equal. “One would not expect the same performance from a pen that comes in a blister pack, as you would from a pen that comes with a hand-tuned nib made from solid 14, 18 or even 21K gold and carries a lifetime warranty.”

Partridge explains that like a bicycle, a pen should fit its user’s needs. While an artist may prefer a finer nib for the clean lines of drawing, a lawyer signing documents may prefer a broad nib for a bolder signature. A high-quality pen can actually lend flair and distinction to one’s handwriting, just like a good bike may help improve one’s cycling.

Alongside the yellow pen sale, The Pear Tree Pen Company will be running a contest. The person to correctly predict the winner of the 93rd Tour de France will become the proud owner of a new Waterman Charleston fountain pen, valued at $155. The pen is, of course, available in yellow. The Waterman Charleston comes equipped with an 18k gold nib in the winner’s choice of Fine, Medium or Broad size.

Both the sale and the contest will run their course with the Tour de France beginning July 1 and ending July 23, 2006. Entrants should email their predictions to In your entry please include the name of the rider you think will win the Tour, and the winning margin.

For more information about the Pear Tree Pen Company, the Stylo Jaune Sale, and the contest, visit

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