Monday, May 29, 2006

Handwritten Theatre

Like most of my writing these days, this blog entry was originally composed with pen, paper and ink. It may seem a bit quaint, old-fashioned even, but it works for me.

Apparently I’m not alone in my belief that writing should begin with, well, writing. Recently, while doing research for a project I’m working on, I came across a website promoting a podcast called “Handwritten Theatre” -- a “series of short dramatic pieces originally composed in a small black notebook, with a fountain pen.”

Handwritten Theatre and its accompanying website are the brainchildren of Joseph Dougherty, a talented writer whose work on the groundbreaking television series thirtysomething earned him an Emmy. He has also written and produced several movies, including The Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman, starring Darryl Hannah. Among Mr. Dougherty’s most recent work is the novel Comfort and Joi, available at

"How cool," I thought. Despite all the high-tech, wiz-bang gadgetry that’s out there these days, here was someone who put pen to paper and let the words literally flow onto the page. And not a fountain pen collector, either, but an ordinary human being, using a pen as it was intended.

Intrigued, I downloaded the first episode of Handwritten Theatre, “What Do You Want Me to Tell You?” The format was compelling. A brief introduction by the author, then a dialogue between two characters, followed by a few more words from the author. No more than 12 minutes overall. I lack the expertise to critique either the writing or acting, but I will say this: I have now listened to each of the nine episodes that have so far been published on the web, and I eagerly await the next installment. Draw your own conclusions.

By the way, if anyone’s interested: This entry was originally composed using a Visconti Van Gogh Midi fountain pen, with a fine nib and filled with Private Reserve Lake Placid Blue ink. If you haven't checked out one of these pens, I highly recommend them.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Cool, a fountain pen blog! Excellent, I've got you on feed now.